Looking for a laundry service in
Camps Bay then we have you covered.

The Best Clean

Using the best detergent in the correct dose with the cleanest water is crucial to getting the best clean. The Launderers  makes exclusive use of Ecolab products which deliver consistently high standards of cleaning.

Our detergents are adjusted based on load size and type to ensure the perfect chemical to water ratio for the perfect clean.

Our water is filtered twice, and has its iron levels adjusted, allowing our detergent to work as effectively as possible.

Great Value

The Launderers delivers the best, most reliable clean in the city.

Our detergents are world-class and scientifically proven to preserve the integrity of your clothing fibres. This prevents fading and extends the life of your clothes.

Our processes ensure that whatever comes in, goes out. There are no mixed loads, lost socks or missing items.

Service Excellence

Fifteen years of experience have allowed us to perfect and streamline our laundry procedures. We have a large contingent of staff who have been with us for many years and consistently deliver above and beyond our expectations. All new staff are put through an exhaustive two-week training program to ensure that they are fully up to speed by the time they take up their position in production. We work fast, we work hard and we work smart to produce excellent results for our customers.


Laundry has a significant environmental impact. Commercial laundries have been proven to lessen this impact and provide a more sustainable solution than washing clothes at home. Our washing machines are more energy efficient and use less water per kg than home appliances. They also have a longer life, staying out of landfill for longer. Our detergents are both scent and micro-plastic free. They are automatically dosed to avoid overuse and scientifically proven to extend the life of your clothes. Our dryers cut off automatically based on humidity.



Opening Hours

Drop & Go

7am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)
7am - 6pm (Saturday)
8am - 5pm (Sunday and Public Holidays)


This branch accepts payment via cash and card facilities. 

Drop and Go

Wash, dry and fold service R35.00 per kg
minimum charge 5kg
Wash only R30.00 per kg
minimum charge 5kg
Dry only (dry weight) R30.00 per kg
minimum charge 5kg
Ironing R52.00 per kg
minimum charge 2kg

Blankets, Duvets, Comforters

Wash and dry single or small R165 each
Wash and dry double or large R215 each

Dry cleaning prices available on request.


When is the best time for you to do your laundry?

Whether its early in the morning or late at night, we are open! Our Self-Service facilities are available from 6am - 10pm.




Coin operated machines


Washing machines


Tumble dryers


Folding facilities

Drop and Go

Do you ever feel like there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done?

Let us help you. Drop your laundry off with us and we will take care of it for you. Same day collection available for loads before 11am.


Washing service


Drying service


Folding service


Ironing service


Stain removal


Dry cleaning